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CC Serum

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Antioxidant powerhouse that boosts collagen to noticeably improve skin firmness and elasticity


  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Stimulates collagen to improve firmness
  • Reduces discoloration & enhances tone


Diana Evans  

Love that this is a potent powerhouse of vitamin c for both pigmentation and elasticity


My skin dried out after watching too much skincare routine on Youtube. The combination of product I am used did a number on me. Then I started using the winkle recovery and the CC serum weekly. I did regular wash with dove soap and my skin is so flawless right now. this is a renew after using the products over 2 months. I am not consistent and still seen amazing results

Katie Gonzales  

This is one of my favorites, I use this daily and man you can tell! The smell is heavenly and again this product sinks in and goes to work immediately!